Bumper Reflector & Day time Running Lights For All Cars

Bumpers reflectors also help to keep you safe while you are driving, as well as when your car is parked. Bumper Mount Reflector reduce rear end collisions significantly. When you park your car on dark road, or stop on road shoulder at night, you are vulnerable to unintentional collisions. A Bumper reflector lowers such type of risk.

bumper reflector for car

Some features to seem for while buying a bumper reflector are:

  • Superior ABS material
  • Easy To Install, OEM style Red lens
  • Super bright LED, energy saving, long life, over 50000 working hours
  • High temperature resistant, more security and stability
  • Can replace the stock red reflector and function as add-on brake light/tail light
  • Exact fit and direct replacement.

How to install Car Bumper Reflector

You can easily and directly replace your non-lighting bumper reflectors thanks to the OEM spec mounting design and upgrade to an LED tail, running fog, stop light and signal light which shines brighter when applying your brakes. With the red lens full LED bumper reflector tail lights, your car or Infiniti will realize its potential and sport a unique, eye-catching look with added safety features

  • All of our LED bulbs are designed for easy DIY installation & direct replacement.
  • Connect the black wire to stock brake light negative, red wire to tail light positive or rear fog light, and yellow wire to brake light positive, white wire to the signal light

Day Time Running Light (DRL) for all cars

Day time running light for car

Daytime running lamp/light also referred to as DRL are often described as a comparatively new feature on vehicles. DRLs are being installed in pairs on the front area of a car, and that they emit yellow, amber or white light. It is getting used as a car guard while driving during the daytime. Every car makes uses of lights within the night. Do cars need lights in the daytime? This was a serious concern for several people when it had been first introduced. The primary purpose of DRLs is to reinforce the visibility of your car during daylight, and various research studies have shown that these sorts of lamps have played a major role in reducing accidents on the road.

How to install day time running light on cars

You should not take DRL installation taken for granted because it is a bit trickier than installing a headlight bulb. It is not at all advisable to depend on do-it-yourself methods, and you have to seek the help of an experienced auto mechanic or electrician to install DRLs on your car.