Car Shadow Light With Projector LED Logo For Cars

Automaze door projector light is that the next big thing for your car. To form your car appealing installing door projector lights are one among the simplest options to mark your presence. Door projector is just a flash-light that reflects on the road whenever you open your door. Suppose if you’re using any luxurious car brand, aside from car front logo once you will open the door whenever a light-weight beam will reflect towards the bottom together with your car name and logo.

Car Shadow Light Logo

No drilling or No rewiring is required once you want to put in door projector light. Whereas, universal models may require drilling and rewiring.  This will be installed to any models without door lights also. If required you'll even change any logo you would like.

Automotive Car Shadow Light products as under:-

  1. Car Door Shadow Welcome Light, Projector LED Logo For Cars

Shadow Lights Logo

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  • LED Ghost Shadow Light Is A Kind Of Decorative Light With Car Logo Name Which can Be Installed In Both Left & Right Door
  • When Opening The Door, You Will See LED Light Projection Like Welcoming You & Emanating Charmingly.
  • Set of 2 Pc
  • No Drilling required!

Vehicle Compatibility


  1. Awe your passengers and everyone around.
  2. Door welcome lights project the logo of the car as soon as the door opens.
  3. The most recent and hot selling accessory in the international market.
  4. Can be installed in both left & right door.
  5. Provide you with delightful light visual experience & more driving fun
  6. One set includes 2 pcs, suggest you purchase 2 sets for 4 doors of your car!

Package includes:

Package Box for shadow Light

  • 2x Ghost Shadow Car Door LED Welcome Projector Decoration Logo Light

Kindly Note:
Many other sellers' Shadow lights are not shipped with package box, but ours comes with package box on it, which not only can best protect the item.

Installation Guidance for Shadow Light Logo

LED ghost shadow light is a kind of decorative light with car logo name which can be installed in both left & right door when opening the door. You will see LED light projection like welcoming you & emanating charmingly.

When you stop the car & open the door, dazzle logo shadow could be showed on the road, bring more driving fun to drivers. This fashion is popular among the young & car enthusiasts automobile decorative lighting, provide you with delightful light visual experience & more driving fun. The product can be installed at the body kit, chassis or other suitable place.

It looks stylish and made up with top quality, by employing a car logo projection lights like the car brand LOGO, giving any vehicle a High-End Look. The fabric is heat resistant, anti-corrosion and sturdy.

Automaze door projector increases safety due to its high brightness it can light things of doors outside the bottom to stop from a little accident. Therefore it's not just for look but also for safety measures also.