Electric Jack Car Repair Tool Kit For All Cars

Electric Jack Car Repair Tool Kit is worth having for emergency roadside tire change and repair. Conventional ways of changing tires are probably the worst job for car owners. Electric Jack Car Repair Tool Kit

An electric car jack can make it simple which saves a massive amount of time and energy. All you have to do is plugging in the car jack cable receptacle and provide sufficient torque to raise the vehicle without any manual labor. There is no need to use mechanical scissor jacks or hand cranks to change tires.

The electric car jack is a unique piece of tool, which is far different from manual jack in terms of force ratio. Force ratio is the difference between input and output forces. Manual jacks require more torque/input force and less turns to raise a vehicle that is done manually. While electric car jacks require less torque/input force and more turns to raise a vehicle. The rate of turns of an electric jack is much faster than manual turns by hand. This bargain is well worth for many as tire changing are done effortlessly with the aid of an electric car jack. The only manual job that involved is to carry the flat tire and replacing it in the trunk with the new one. An electric car jack lifting capacity varies according to the models. This electric jack that can lift vehicles up to 3.0T. It is ideal for most cars, pickup trucks, vans, MPVs and SUVs, as long as there is a cigarette lighter receptacle in it. Furthermore, it does not occupy much room. It comes with a strong blow mold storage box.

Air pump tyre inflator

Automaze electric jack also has inbuilt Air Pump Tire Inflator, which will help you in fast and easy inflation for vehicle tires, bicycle tires and other inflatables. Built-in work light illuminates the surrounding area. Specially designed pump motor provides an air flow of 35L/M and is useful in cases where tubeless tires with puncture can be filled air for drive till the nearest service station.

air pump

It also has a 350N.M electric wrench, which will work with 12V DC battery and open tire nuts ranging from 17mm till 23mm.


Before making a purchase it is important to decide the weight of your vehicle, as the electric jacks will only work for specific weights. If it exceeds the weight capacity, the jack will stop automatically. It is also very important to ask passengers to get down from the car before using the jack. Any additional loads may disrupt the optimum performance of the specific jack.


  • 1 X 3Ton Electric Jack
  • 1X Electric Wrench 350N.M
  • 1X Pair of Gloves
  • 2 X Lug Nuts
  • 1 X Alligator Clamps
  • 3 X Spare Fuse
  • 1 X Blow Mold Case