Shadow Light for all toyota cars
Universal Mode Adhesive installation, shadow light for all toyota car
Light effect induction for toyota cars
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Direct charging no need to replace the battery in shadow light for all toyota cars
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Complete box of shadow light for all toyota cars

3D Dynamic Wireless Shadow LED Car Door Auto Welcome Ambient Light For All Toyota Cars, set of 2pc

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• Compatible With-Toyota Cars
• Built in lithium ion rechargeable battery which will give you 15 days of running time with just 1 hour of charge, Micro USB cable comes with the package for charging through car USB Port.
• Shadow Light can be removed from its housing to be charged in your car, home or office.
• Auto Dimming and Auto shut inbuilt-This light will turn itself off as soon as the car door is closed, the way it supposed to be.
• Blue interior LED will light up the interior of your car with a press of a button.