Kumamom Model car dashboard analog quatrz clock
Kumamom Model car dashboard analog quatrz clock size
Multiple installation for car dashboard clock
Car dashboard clock with car vent clip, standalone & car mount
Ajdustment time, replecable battery and alloy back for car bashboard clock

Car Dashboard Clock, Analog Quartz with Vent Clip and Adhesive Tape for all Cars, Kumamom Model

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• Pocket Size Mini Clock for Car Dashboard: You’ll never struggle to check the time. Easy to read car clock that offers classy and elegant looking dashboard decoration for vehicle. Accurate quartz timekeeping with a reliable built-in. Replace this with digit clock to create more character in your car
• 3 Display Methods: Package includes self-adhesive round stickers and car vent clip. It can be clipped on car air conditioning or mount on dashboard or center console. Standalone, wall mount, clip-on per your preference
• Luminous Night Vision Display: Glow in the dark pointer. Designed in carbon fiber pattern. Accurate travel time, durable, low energy consumption, weather-proof and moisture resistant. Important note: Place under direct sunlight or artificial light for 2-3 hours for maximum glow
• Stainless Steel Sleek and Expensive Looking: Made of superior material with anodizing coloring treatment. Glass mirror surface with anti-scratch and high transparency. Impact resistant and shock proof
• Application: This super cute mini analog round watch is also great for home, office, kitchen, camping, garage, work station, cubicle, desk, study table, mantel, workbench, locker, side table and more