Force Tripple Square Tool Kit For cars
Force Tripple Square Tool kit

Force Tripple Square 12 Point CR-V Steel Spline Short and Long Bit For All Cars, Set of 11 Pieces

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• GENERAL USAGE: These bits are typically used for car repairs, many German cars require these bits. Often times you think it's a torx bit but it actually requires triple squares. Triple Square Spline bit set are great for working with BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Porche and most other European vehicles. Fits some head bolts, retaining bolts, disc calipers and other applications
• DURABILITY: Made from industrial grade chrome vanadium allow steel to provide hardness and reduce wear outs from use and insure bits last long
• INCLUDES: 11 Pieces and 1 Carrying case, 10mm drive adapter, 75mm: m5, m6, m8, m10, m12. 30mm includes: m5, m6, m8, m10, m12
• Backed By Lifetime Warranty