Maruti Suzuki Motor logo in silver colour

Maruti Suzuki Motors SILVER Car 3D Metal Grille Trunk Badge Decal Logo for car, Set of 2 pcs

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INTRODUCTION Showcase your unique sense of style with a Car Emblem Badge Sticker.
These versatile stickers come in a range of styles and themes and you are sure to find one that matches your personality.
No matter which size or theme you choose, they all create a fabulously memorable effect in a limited space.
Automaze Car Emblem Badge Stickers are easy to use. They can be changed as the mood takes you and may be removed at any time. Apart from being decorative, they are also a great practical and cost effective way to subtly cover up small scratches or blemishes on your paintwork.
Make your dream car stand out amongst the thousands of vehicles on the roads and let it be it instantly recognizable.
1. Manufactured from metal zinc alloy for quality, strength and durability.
2. Simple eye-catching elegant designs
3. Adds a personalized unique feature to your car
4. Backing is premium quality 3M adhesive for firm and long lasting application.
5. Waterproof
6. Anti-UV, won't fade in the sun
7. Anti washing-liquid, will not peel off when car is washed
8.Size-5 X 5 Cm
Automaze Car Emblem Badge Stickers can be attached to the front, rear end, engine hood, doors, fuel tank cover, bonnet, trunk, bumpers and any other position on your car that takes your fancy.
Don't think only cars, these fun stickers can add a quirky and trendy touch to mobile phones, desktop computers and laptops. They adhere perfectly to wooden, plastic, metal and glass products, making them versatile enough to use on a myriad of home products. Let your imagination run wild.