Parking lock barrier with Steel expansion bolt x3, key x2, remote control x2 and battery
Car Parking lock barrier size
Car Parking lock barrier with remote control
Car parking lock barrier in black & yellow colour
Parking lock barrier
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Remote Control Parking Lock Barrier 98.5 FT Private Car Parking Latch Space Lock Car Park Driveway

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  • ★Automatic private parking lock with fashionable design: Robust and water-resistant metal housing with smooth painted finish; Anti-pilfering: mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen
  • ★180°Anti collision: the parking lock has flexible design and self-protection function. It can rotate back and forth to protect itself from external collision
  • ★Automatic alarming system: fully waterproof with alarming apparatus, alarm sound for unauthorized operation or exterior force trying to put the arm down;anti-pilfering: mounting bolting inside makes it impossible to be stolen
  • ★High-pressure resistance: curved design and thicker steel shell make it have a good performance in pressure resistance. The parking lock can endure a pressure of 5t without damage
  • ★Long remote control distance: Adopt a loading coil to increase signal intensity. It has stronger penetration. The effective distance is 30 meters/98.5ft . You will feel easy and comfortable to control it