Hks Muffler in bent burnt round shapped
Car Muffler in dark blue Muffle HKS
HKS Muffler diameter 6Cm & lenght 16.5cm & Breadth for dual muffler 12.5cm
Bent burnt round shape muffler

Car Exhaust Twin Muffler Burnt Blue Show Pipe, Round Shape, Fir For Bent Exhaust Pipe, Model-6155

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Fit for: Bent exhaust pipe having a diameter of 5.4-5.8cm.
Surface polishing + Grilled blue process. Exquisite workmanship, shiny bright and cool colors.
Protect the original exhaust pipe from sun and rain, avoid rusting and deformation.
Simple installation, no need of drilling or welding.
High quality 304 stainless steel, durable and not corrodible