Wheel centre cover for bmw car and no need to charge wiring free power generation
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Light Magnetic Levitation Waterproof Wheel Hub Center Caps Cover For BMW Cars, set of 4Pcs, 60mm

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• Magnetic levitation Technology- It uses the cutting magnetic field to generate electricity, battery-free, no need to connect electricity. When the vehicle travels at 25KM/H, the hub cover will automatically generate electricity and emit light, energy efficient. The vehicle's luminous warning can effectively reduce the collision of parallel vehicles (obvious effect at night).
• High-quality materials - Made of high-quality ABS material, with high toughness and hardness, corrosion resistance, firm installation and good sealing. The surface of the hubcap is mirror-finished and uses high-quality acrylic to protect the colour from fading.
• Waterproof and dustproof design - This wheel hub center caps cover has good sealing performance, excellent waterproof and dustproof function, and can be used normally in rainy days. There is no need to worry about car wash or rain damage to damage the internal parts of the hub light.
• Simple installation - According to the original car mold design, high precision, accurate buckle design, plug-in installation, just put it into the installation position and press it hard to complete, The installation effect is very firm.
• Note-Please check original wheel hub cap size(Outer Side), if it is 60mm, this cap will fit in your car.